Quality Inspiration with Trainline and Tripadvisor

We firmly believe in the human approach to marketing, and our recent collaboration with Trainline, Europe's foremost train and coach app, exemplifies our commitment to delivering awareness and high-quality content for effective redistribution.

Meet Trainline

Trainline is the ultimate destination for all your train and coach travel needs. With access to routes, prices, and travel times from over 270 rail and coach operators across 40 countries, they are your one-stop-shop for seamless travel planning.

The Partnership Objective

Our goal was clear: Trainline sought to partner with travel creators based in Europe or those who frequently travel to the continent. Together, we aimed to illustrate how the Trainline app could simplify trip planning and save valuable time by booking tickets in advance.

A Success Story: Kelsey in London

During the campaign, we collaborated with Kelsey, a travel creator based in London. Her impact was nothing short of impressive. Kelsey's Instagram Reel content during the campaign witnessed an astounding uplift in value, driving over 14,000 saves and counting. The content she produced garnered a staggering 400,000 organic impressions, illustrating the remarkable resonance of her message.

The Power of Redistribution

But our journey didn't end with these remarkable achievements. The content created by Kelsey and our other talented creators had a lasting impact. It was strategically redistributed through paid media channels, adding an evergreen element to the campaign. This approach ensured that the valuable content continued to reach and engage a broader audience long after the initial campaign had concluded.

Our partnership with Trainline exemplifies the remarkable potential of a human-centered approach to marketing, and it's a testament to how the human touch can deliver exceptional results, driving both awareness and lasting content redistribution.


127% delivery against our impressions KPI
152% delivery against contracted reach KPI
742% delivery against our engagement KPI

posted on:
July 24, 2023
written by:
Beckii Flint
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