We’ll supercharge your campaigns with research backed by qualitative data. We conduct bespoke pre-, during-, and post-campaign brand uplift studies to help you better understand your audience, while in-content polls and surveys optimise your campaign messaging. The content you produce becomes an invaluable tool in harnessing rich, authentic data direct from the source.

We conduct studies both natively through influencer content and through custom-built brand surveys to help you better understand your audience.

Get Deeper Metrics

Look beyond superficial metrics to understand audience resonance and sentiment.

Gain a deeper understanding of the audiences you want to reach through conducting qualitative and quantitative studies centred around influencers and their communities.

Test and Learn

We work smarter and harder, using organic influencer content to your advantage by speaking directly to the audience. We’ll ask tailored questions to help guide your campaign in the right direction and build a bank of qualitative data. 

Pre and post-campaign uplift

Go beyond surface engagement metrics. We conduct surveys with curated questions to measure the impact of your campaign messaging, then quickly test different angles amongst a qualified  audience. The result? Thoughtful responses and richer data.

Allow Pepper Studio to build you a bespoke white-labelled survey, to measure the impact, resonance, and salience of our campaigns. 

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