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At Pepper, we're proud to deliver outstanding work for our clients. The unique strategic tools we've developed mean that the content we partner on exceeds expectations of what a campaign can do. We're committed to doing things differently and putting people at the forefront of the process.



We speak directly to potential talent, asking specific questions and gathering evidence to ensure they’re the right fit for your campaign. Then, our in-house tool scores them based on how effective they’ll be at achieving your core objectives – making the decision on who to partner with easier than ever.

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High Evergreen Performance
Conversion Rate
Positive Sentiment
Added Value
Strong Engagement
High Content Quality
Campaign Relevance
Multi Channel
High CTR
Audience Recognition
Audience 25+
Brand Advocacy
Cost Per Engagement
We adapt the criteria to suit each brief

Choosing the right influencer with

Macro Influencer

Positive Sentiment

High CTR

Brand Advocate

Local Audience

Mid-Tier Influencer

Positive Sentiment

High CTR

Brand Advocate

Local Audience

Micro Influencer

Positive Sentiment

High CTR

Brand Advocate

Local Audience

InfluenceIQ qualifies leading talent that drive ROI


Efficiently introduce influencer marketing as a core strategy for our client, the Financial Times, and save them valuable time in the process. Drive app installs for the new FT Edit app.


We began by conducting extensive research and analysis, evaluating a pool of over 150 potential influencers. We utilised InfluenceIQ, our in-house tool, to assess these influencers against six critical campaign criteria, ensuring a precise match with the Financial Times' brand and goals. The criteria we developed required influencers to be credible, authoritative, strong content creators, and have their own podcast along with other social channels, as well as score highly against wider performance and audience metrics.Our team leveraged data and demographics to curate a select list of three highly suitable influencers for further collaboration. Through strategic partnerships and meticulous planning, we seamlessly integrated influencer marketing into the Financial Times' marketing strategy.


Two months following the initiation of our influencer marketing campaign, we have successfully established this channel as a core marketing component for the Financial Times. By saving time through the efficient identification and selection of influencers, we enabled the Financial Times to drive results across the entire marketing funnel. Our approach not only opened new avenues for audience engagement but also paved the way for a more dynamic and effective marketing strategy, ultimately contributing to the Financial Times' continued success in the evolving media landscape.

Best Influencer Marketing Campaign at the Global Performance Marketing Awards
Weekly increase in app store shares
Tap to install conversion rate
Delivery against the CPA KPI



Trust goes both ways. We enhance talent relationships, resulting in partnerships that exist beyond the borders of social. By cross-pollinating the influencer with the brand, through bespoke landing pages, takeovers, curated panels, and product edits, we can deliver an enhanced suite of results that deliver a greater ROI.

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Partnership content on social
Landing page on mobile
Bespoke landing page on site

The Editorial Exchange driving clear evidence of success.


Our long-term objective with The Week Junior is to focus on optimising strategies to drive lower Cost Per Acquisition subscriptions, utilising influencers effectively to attract and convert audiences into loyal subscribers while keeping acquisition costs at a minimum.


After trialling an Instagram Stories-first approach, optimising the immediate ability to drive clicks, we noticed that there was some decline post-click, with some audiences not taking advantage of the offer on the page.

We worked closely with The Week Junior to create tailored landing pages on their website. These bespoke landing pages featured compelling content, including images and testimonials, which significantly enhanced audience trust and engagement.

By providing a more personalised and trustworthy experience, we aimed to boost conversion rates when compared to generic landing pages.


Our efforts yielded substantial results for The Week Junior's influencer marketing campaigns. The implementation of an editorial exchange led to a remarkable 66% increase in conversions. This exchange not only enriched the content quality but also fostered a deeper connection between the audience and The Week Junior's subscription offerings. The results underscore the potential of influencer marketing as a powerful tool for cost-effective customer acquisition and retention in the media industry.

Most Effective Campaign for ROI at the Influencer Marketing Awards
Best Family & Parenting Campaign at the Influencer Marketing Awards
increase in conversions when implementing the editorial exchange 
of audiences retained to paid subscriptions after free trial ended


Brand partnerships are innately measurable. But what if we went beyond standard metrics, and explored change in sentiment, behaviour, and intent? Our proprietary Influencer Marketing Research tool can capture pre- and post-campaign uplift, providing both qualitative and quantitative data, to prove the efficacy of your campaign.

Can you recall the product’s features?
Did the content make you want to purchase the product?
Did the content make you want to purchase the product?
Did the content make you want to purchase the product?

An industry first for measuring brand uplift and content resonance


Tio Pepe had a goal in mind: to boost awareness and comprehension of the product’s unique features, whilst also imparting inspiration on how best to enjoy it. To achieve this objective, we partnered with influencers to craft educational and inspirational content centered around the product.


Our strategy was centered on engaging influencers who possessed both credibility and resonance within the target audience. Collaboratively, we curated content that not only showcased the product's attributes but also provided consumers with valuable insights on its uses and benefits.

Post-campaign, we executed surveys among the target audiences to gauge the campaign's impact on brand perception, product understanding, and purchase intent.

This research-driven approach enabled us to obtain actionable insights into the effectiveness of the influencer campaign at each stage of the marketing funnel. The outcomes of this research not only validated the campaign's success but also served as a catalyst for Tio Pepe to further explore and invest in influencer marketing activities.


The organic campaign, paired with the rich insights from the survey, allowed us to have a deeper understanding of the campaigns’ performance from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

The survey results demonstrated the campaign's ability to not only capture attention but also drive tangible consumer actions.

Our data-driven approach showcased the significant impact of the influencer campaign on brand perception, product understanding, and purchase intent. These insights not only confirmed the campaign's success but also inspired Tio Pepe to embrace influencer marketing as an integral component of their marketing strategy, highlighting the substantial value influencers bring to brand promotion and product education.

of respondents showed consideration and purchase intent after seeing the influencer content.
of respondents said that the influencer content educated them about the brand for the first time

paid social

Let’s take things to a whole new level. Layering paid media spend into your organic campaigns can drive astronomical results, when done strategically. We are experts in redistributing UGC content, taking care to reformat, reframe, and repurpose work so that it can deliver long after the campaign has ended.

The partnership content on social
The same content repurposed via paid media
25 thousand comments
5 thousand saves
75 thousand likes
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Creative editing driving renewed longevity in paid spaces


Drive customer acquisition for Xero Go amongst a B2B audience, through effectively developing strategic relationships that can deliver from both paid and organic perspectives.

Method:By carefully qualifying and selecting influencers from an organic perspective and creating resonant and entertaining creative content, we were then able to ensure that the content would perform in paid spaces too.

Through mirroring and expanding upon our organic channels, we could reach our target B2B audience, strategically leveraging the content across paid channels.


Our strategic approach to creative editing and content redistribution demonstrated the evidence for paid media integration within organic campaigns. The tangible results - lower CPC, CPA, and high customer retention - underscored the effectiveness of this strategy in driving exceptional outcomes.

lower cost per click when compared with BAU.
lower CPA than BAU.


The Human Approach delivering synergy and authenticity

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