Influencer Marketing

We’re on a mission to change the way brands feel about influencer marketing by bringing trust back to the people. With our human approach at the forefront, our communication-first strategies deliver measurable, impactful campaigns that retain their value. Just take a look at some of our featured case studies to see what we mean.

Experts at delivering end-to-end campaigns that retain their value, Pepper Studio build and implement bespoke strategies across all social channels, including robust influencer planning.

Target the Right Channels

In an ever-changing social landscape, choosing the right channels for the right campaigns can be a minefield to navigate. 

Your specialist at Pepper Studio will guide you on the benefits of all social channels, and which KPIs they will deliver on the best.

Choose the Right Influencers

Pepper Studio use the Human Approach to identify the perfect influencers for your campaign. We don’t recycle the same influencers, or hold any biases towards exclusive talent - we evaluate the entire market and host personal conversations before suggesting talent for your campaign.

Your bespoke Media Plan will include influencer rationale, audience demographics, engagement metrics, and cost evaluation, to ensure you do not over or under-spend when working with influencers.

Tailored Social Planning

Enriching your social presence through the power of digital natives will ensure your brand remains culturally in-tune and aligned with your increasing audience.

Pepper Studio can deliver short and long-term social strategy plans for your brand, including a woven influencer strategy to support.

Expert Campaign Management

Leave it to the experts. We provide end-to-end influencer campaign management, taking care of briefing, contracts, negotiation, and delivery.

We’re trusted by influencers and talent agents alike, as well as reaching the unmanaged talent community, and our first-hand experience as influencers ourselves ensures relationships remain strong and brand affinity grows.

Dynamic Rich Reporting

Everything at your fingertips. You will have 24/7 access to the live campaign tracker and report, to see in real-time the growth of your campaigns.

After the campaign concludes, we’ll take you through a bespoke post-campaign analysis, filled to the brim with campaign data analysis, optimisations, influencer feedback, and proactive ideas for our next campaign together.

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