Authentic Storytelling with Stansted Express

At pepper, we believe in the power of authentic storytelling to drive exceptional results. In our latest collaboration, we joined forces with Stansted Express, the direct trainline connecting London to Stansted Airport. With trains departing as frequently as four times an hour, it's undoubtedly the fastest and most efficient route to reach the airport.

Identifying Authentic Journeys

In our quest to offer genuine experiences to travellers, we turned to the influencer community. 

We asked influencers whether they were planning a summer getaway from Stansted Airport. Our aim was to identify those authentic journeys that could be seamlessly woven into their content.

Partnership Goals

Stansted Airport had a vision: to partner with family, couple, or travel creators who could effectively communicate the ease of travelling with Stansted Express. They wanted these creators to inspire their followers and provide insights into the comfort of the train carriages, share information on ticket prices, and highlight the convenience of online booking.

The Journey Unfolds

The chosen creators embarked on their travels, sharing their experiences on the train. They provided valuable insights into the comfort and convenience that Stansted Express offers to passengers. Their content showcased ticket prices and demonstrated the ease of online booking, helping potential travellers make informed decisions.

Overachieving Expectations

But that's not all. We didn't stop at just creating and sharing this content. We also took it a step further by boosting the exposure of five creators' posts. The results were astonishing – we achieved an incredibly high number of clicks to the Stansted Express website. This astonishing figure exceeded our original KPI by a whopping 344%.

Our partnership with Stansted Express demonstrates the power of authentic storytelling. By engaging influencers to share their real travel experiences, we achieved a powerful example of authenticity driving results. 


182% delivery against our impressions KPI
123% delivery against contracted clicks KPI
178% delivery against our engagement KPI

posted on:
July 3, 2023
written by:
Beckii Flint
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