Building Longevity for Xero Go

In the dynamic space of influencer marketing, innovation is key to driving results. Our goal was to boost customer acquisition for Xero Go within a B2B audience by effectively cultivating strategic relationships that yield benefits from both paid and organic perspectives.


Our approach was twofold: first, to carefully identify and select influencers whose content resonated with an organic audience, and second, to collaboratively create compelling and entertaining content. This approach ensured that the content not only thrived organically but also performed exceptionally well in paid spaces.

Extending the Reach

Expanding on our organic success, we skillfully mirrored and amplified our efforts across paid channels, ultimately allowing us to reach our intended B2B audience with precision and impact. By strategically leveraging the content across paid channels, we maximised the reach and resonance of our message.

Remarkable Results

Our strategic approach to creative editing and content distribution provided irrefutable evidence for the integration of paid media within organic campaigns. We observed a significant decrease in Cost Per Click and Cost Per Acquisition. In addition, we achieved a high level of customer retention, demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategy in achieving exceptional results.


Our journey exemplifies how creative editing can revitalise paid spaces within a comprehensive marketing strategy. By bridging the gap between organic and paid spaces, we harnessed the power of strategic relationships and demonstrated the compelling benefits of such an approach.



28% lower CPC when compared with BAU
31% lower CPA than BAU

posted on:
July 24, 2023
written by:
Beckii Flint
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