Mastering Compliance with Pictet

In the world of finance, compliance is paramount. At Pepper, we have strategic routes ready to implement to ensure that influencer marketing can remain compliant even in regulated sectors.

Strategic Collaboration

Pictet Group joined forces with two carefully selected micro-influencers whose audiences were a perfect match for their brand and the specific podcast episodes they aimed to promote. This strategic alignment was the foundation for a campaign designed to foster authenticity and collaboration, establishing a sense of trust with the influencers' followers.

Authenticity and Trust

Our campaign was built upon the cornerstones of authenticity and trust. We understood that the financial industry demands a high level of trust, and this was at the core of our approach. By negotiating paid usage rights and hosting regular status calls with our influencer partners, we ensured that the content remained authentic and in alignment with the brand's values, thus driving engagement and trust among the influencers' audiences.

Strengthening Connections

To solidify the relationships with our influencers and their audiences, we facilitated an editorial exchange and introduced evergreen content. These initiatives added depth to the campaign, strengthening the connection between Pictet Group and their chosen influencers while creating content that would have a lasting impact.

Achieving and Exceeding Goals

The campaign not only met its engagement KPIs but also successfully identified influencers whose values and message resonated with Pictet Group's vision. 

This achievement demonstrated that influencer marketing can be carried out within the strict confines of the financial industry's compliance regulations while delivering impactful results.


120% Delivery of organic clicks KPI
200% Delivery against deliverable KPI

posted on:
July 24, 2023
written by:
Beckii Flint
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