What the New ChatGPT Means for Marketers

Wake up a new ChatGPT has dropped! This week marks the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4o (“o” standing for “omni”). Have a read below of what the new ChatGPT means for content marketers. The biggest takeaway is the technology has become more accessible, breaking down language barriers and offering those with sight loss an alternative way of interfacing with ChatGPT. It has also become more efficient, reducing the operational cost involved. This means advanced AI tools are accessible to teams with smaller budgets and the individual marketer who can use them to improve current workflows. Some of these features are already available to paid and free users, but keep an eye out as more are set to be gradually rolled out.

Custom Chatbots for Free Users

It’s good news for users on the free tier of ChatGPT. You will now get access to custom chatbots for the first time. By democratising access to some of these capabilities, that were previously restricted to paying users, more marketers particularly those in smaller teams or with smaller budgets have greater creative freedom. These custom chatbots allow you to tailor ChatGPT to your specific needs - upload helpful files as context or link them to applications outside of GPT for example, for workflow automation or for web browsing. You could create your own SEO expert that can analyse your website or messaging, or create a chatbot trained on your team knowledge base, so if you ever need to check brand colour hex codes or where to find certain files, your digital assistant is on hand to help you out.

ChatGPT Is No Longer Just Text

GPT-4o has gone “multimodal” which means it can now understand image, video and speech (as well as text). 

Developments in Real-Time Voice Conversations

Beyond podcasts, audio found its way into the realm of social with the Lockdown darling, Clubhouse, and more recently Airchat. Audio becoming a more prominent interface is not only great for accessibility but gives marketers a whole new sphere to experiment with.

With GPT-4o’s announcement of real-time voice conversations, you could, for example, offer virtual shopping assistants providing personalised fashion advice or have virtual product walk-throughs with a digital assistant answering any questions the viewers have. What’s most striking is how natural the voice technology sounds, even conveying emotion and tone.

GPT-4o’s Live Voice Translation

Another win for audio content is GPT-4o’s live voice translation. Imagine jumping onto a Tiktok or Instagram live and seeing real-time translations of creators and brands from overseas. This represents a huge opportunity for marketers entering into new markets and breaking down language barriers in the process, especially for travel brands looking to localise themselves. When it comes to social media content production, they will likely become more global-first, opening companies up to more diverse audiences.

Vision Capabilities

In their new model, OpenAI combines its new voice capabilities with vision. They released a video filmed in London in which a man uses GPT-4o to describe his surroundings to get information on Buckingham Palace, ducks in a lake and someone getting into a taxi. This can become an invaluable tool for someone with poor sight or sight loss. Again, for marketers using social media, this makes content much more accessible to their customers.

Analyse Images and data

If you have a screenshot of a complex analytics dashboard, you could feed that into GPT-4o and the model will be able to analyse the image, giving a full breakdown and explanation of the data. This will help with data literacy, making data insights more accessible to marketers to make more data-driven decisions. The result is more targeted and relevant content that better resonates with customers.

Overall the GPT-4o’s data analysis capabilities have greatly improved and could for example, be used to analyse customer feedback, sentiment from social media comments as well as emails and voice messsages. These insights can be fed back to the product team or could be used to influence the content marketing roadmap.

Image Generation from Text

You can create images in ChatGPT directly, converting text prompts directly into your very own images. In terms of quality, the image generator has a good understanding of 3D space and is able to generate near perfect text in the image itself.

For marketers, this means more capabilities for generating visual assets to accompany social posts and campaigns - you could create your own cover photos or ad creatives. You could also upload your own images and save on the photoshop job by asking ChatGPT to create multiple variations of the image in different colours or turn multiple image frames into a mini animation.

Image Credit: OpenAI

Handwritten Marketing Messaging

GPT-4o can not only recognise handwriting but can also generate authentic-looking handwritten text. This is a great way for brands to produce social media content at scale while maintaining a personal feel or to get creative with typography for posts.

In 18 months, over a billion people have used ChatGPT and other similar large language models. We’ve seen marketers use ChatGPT in various ways to generate content ideas, proofread text, and create advertising copy, to name a few! It’ll be exciting to see what new ideas brands and teams come up with using ChatGPT-4o’s new capabilities over the rest of the year.

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May 17, 2024
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