White Paper: Influencer Marketing’s Hidden Halo Impact

The creator economy is tipped to be worth $156bn by the end of 2024, and there’s no signs of slowing. At the same time, conditions are evolving fast which means there are exciting opportunities ahead for brands but also a real need to adapt.

For the first time, we hopped over the Atlantic to host an intimate panel in New York, bringing together industry specialists to explore some of the key trends they’re seeing in influencer marketing.

We heard from:

Colleen Ho - Head of Growth Marketing, The Week Junior

Tiffany Matloob - Global Head of Creator Community, YouTube (Shorts)

Samantha Fleischman - Lead of Strategy (AMER), Wanderlab at Tripadvisor

And our very own, Alice Jones and Joe Friend - co-founders of Pepper.

The session was packed with thought-provoking insights around our central theme, ‘the halo impact’.

What is ’the halo impact’?

This refers to the broader benefits of influencer marketing beyond immediate sales such as, improvements to SEO performance and new website visitors.

We’re already seeing tangible evidence of this in action. One of our own clients reported a 92% increase in new audience visits to their website following an influencer campaign.

Access the full Panel Report here, to see what effect influencer marketing has beyond link clicks as well as:

  • How to get the most out of your campaigns 
  • Insight into what metrics matter
  • Tactical strategies you can easily implement
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July 3, 2024
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